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3. To glorify God.

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Thursday, October 27, 2011

The Crystal Palace and other History

In History this September we started the 4th and final book of Story of the World. The time period we are in now is the 1800's. So far we've learned about Queen Victoria's Great Exhibition, the Sepoy Mutiny, The Crimean War, The Taiping Rebellion, The American Civil War, the beginning of Canada and other topics as well. We are doing outlines, maps and projects.
Here are some photos of the project where we created a replica of the Crystal Palace of The Great Exhibition which covered 19 acres, was 25 stories tall, tall enough for the towering elms in the park to fit right underneath, and was wide enough for 75 men to stand with their arms outstretch fingertip to fingertip. It was made entirely of glass and metal and was built in only 9 months!

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