Welcome to the blog of Lighthouse Christian Homeschool!

This blog serves three purposes:

1. To have a place to 'jot down' the day to day happenings in our homeschool for our support teacher to see, in hopes that some of the things we do will fit nicely into the provincial learning outcomes.

2. To keep my family up to date on what we're 'up to'.

3. To glorify God.

So on that note, come on in!

Saturday, February 18, 2012


Rebecca and Caleb have been digging into the scrapbooking supplies. Rebecca made a birthday poster for her friend Emily and they both made a poster for Caleb's wall. As you can see they had lots of fun!


  1. Yeah for updates! It is fun to read/ see what my friends are up to.

  2. Thanks Suzanne, I'm glad you wandered over (c: