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2. To keep my family up to date on what we're 'up to'.

3. To glorify God.

So on that note, come on in!

Tuesday, February 21, 2012


As we continue to work our way through The Story of the World, January brought us to two fun projects. The first one was creating a 'replica' of a traditional Japanese Noh theater mask when we studied Japan's Meiji Restoration. Instead of making the mask out of wood, we decided to use plaster fabric. There were only a few brave souls willing to have the plaster on their faces, but it was sure a lot of fun.

 Here's one of the finished masks
 When we studied the war between Chile and the Bolivia-Peru Alliance, we learned that kids in Peru and Bolivia make slings out of the hair of alpacas. They then practice throwing stones with their slings to see who can get closest to a target. We decided to make our own slings. Instead of braiding alpaca hair, we used wool and the toes from old socks. It was fun to twirl them around and fling the wadded up foil balls we made.

 Caleb learned to braid for the first time. He did a great job!
Rebecca's completed sling

 Christine's sling is ready to whirl!

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  1. I love the masks! I love that you are updating regularly... I realized that I really miss the online blog environment for inspiration and encouragement.