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This blog serves three purposes:

1. To have a place to 'jot down' the day to day happenings in our homeschool for our support teacher to see, in hopes that some of the things we do will fit nicely into the provincial learning outcomes.

2. To keep my family up to date on what we're 'up to'.

3. To glorify God.

So on that note, come on in!

Friday, September 30, 2011

March and April Highlights 2011

Let's start with some photos. They usually give a good idea of what's going on. Like they say,  "a picture is worth a thousand words".
Here's some pictures of what we were up to in the March and April:

Caleb did an Art Class where he created this plasticine 3-D artwork of a dragon. See the castle on the hilltop in the background?

My three dress-up detective/spies trying to act casual.

Having fun Ice Skating!

Our St.Patrick's Day Snack. Our fruit and veggie platter was in the colours of the Irish Flag, then cupcakes with green icing for dessert. Yum!

Dragon Boating with Auntie Karen and Uncle Macky.

Washin' Windows

Making Easter Cookies

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