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3. To glorify God.

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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Snowshoe Science

In Science right now, Joshua, Rebecca and Caleb are studying Extreme Environments. One fun activity that we did helped us to understand how Snowshoes help survival in the Extreme Arctic Environment.

First we had to create our 'snow'
Now we add the pennies
 We learned that we could put 2 pennies on the shaving cream snow before they sank.
Then it was time to try out the small 'snowshoe' (cardboard covered in foil)
We fit 8 pennies before it began to sink
Finally it was time for the big 'snowshoe'
We kept adding more and more pennies, until it finally began to sink with 15 pennies.
Joshua observed that the big snowshoe held more pennies
before sinking because the weight was spread out more.
The kids each made a graph to show their results. Here is Joshua's chart:

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  1. Excellent thinking Joshua and sharing with your graph!